Consentium Ltd

Oxfordshire - Replacement single house


Consentium purchased a bungalow in a large plot in Oxfordshire.

We applied for planning consent to replace the bungalow with a large, modern family house.

Planning permission was granted and the property was sold, its value being raised because of the consent



Oxfordshire - House in large plot converted into 3 new large houses

Consentium purchased this property with planning potential. A large plot with a house.

Planning consent was sought to demolish the house and replace it with three large, modern, family homes.

Working with architects and planning consultants to satisfy the planners, consent was granted.

The property was sold to builders, the value of the property having been increased by the extra planning consent.​


Somerset - Large orangery 


The owners of a very large property in Somerset requested Consentium Ltd. to seek planning consent for a large, 112m2 Orangery to add value and amenity to their prestigious home.

The site was sensitive being within the Cranbourne Chase AONB. Consentium Ltd. engaged planning consultants and architects to ensure the best case was put forward to planners.

The consent was granted at planning committee.




Dorset - Equestrian property

Consentium purchased this property for possible development.

Planning applications were made to modernise increase the size of the house and to convert an outbuilding into an oak framed carport and storage area. These planning applications were successful.

The house plus 2.5 acres of land are now for sale.

Consideration is now being given to further planning applications in consultation with planning consultants.



Oxford - House extension, conversion of garage and outbuildings

Consentium acquired this property in central Oxford for conversion.

Initially, consent for an extension to the house was applied for and granted. This was then built.

Further consent was then sought to convert the garages, barn and an ex-public lavatory to dwellings. All the contents were obtained.

The property was then sold with its value considerably increased.





Hampshire - Field

Through a Promotion Agreement, Consentium Ltd. is seeking planning consent on behalf of the owner of a field in the middle of a mid-size Hampshire town. 

Initial plans were for two large family homes. Now on our advice, the owner has acquired further land which will enable a larger entrance way and a greater number of houses to potentially be built as a consequence. 

Consentium is "promoting" the concept through the initial stages of the planning cycle.

The Promotion Agreement means that the owner does not pay for the planning activities, this is done by us at our risk. We will share in the value of the land when it is eventually sold.


Somerset - Barn conversion plus new extension to garage and business 

The owner of some unutilised barns wanted to obtain a change of use and an extension to the barns to turn them into garaging and a workshop for a car collection.

The car collection is used also for weddings.

The barns are in a sensitive Area of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB)

A planning application was made and local resident support was sought for the development. With the resident's support and the good design, planning permission was